About us

Senior fraud detectives, cybercrime investigators, and former armed surveillance operatives who have spent years tackling the key enablers of fraud, cybercrime, money laundering, organised, and business crime.  Our CREST certified penetration testers partners provide high quality hacking on demand.


We will assess the threats that you are exposed to, implement prevention techniques and will educate you in fraud and cybercrime. We devise phishing email campaigns  using sophisticated social engineering techniques. 


Our specialist investigators work fast to identify appropriate lines of enquiry, recover funds, and mitigate further risks. We act as a Liaison Officer for all interested parties including law enforcement and complete evidential packages. We are also open source investigation, tracing, and surveillance specialists. 


We provide high quality penetration testing by CREST certified penetration testers. Our teams of experts work manually to find more of the issues that matter. 

FULL Member of the Association of British Investigators (ABI)

The ABI has been the recognised industry body since 1913. As a member, our clients have the security of knowing Requite Solutions conforms with the ABI Code of Practice and Data Protection compliance.


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