About Requite Solutions - Our Story


  • Requite Solutions was founded in 2017 by experienced officers from the Metropolitan Police. They were instrumental at the inception of Operation Falcon (Fraud and Linked Crime Online), the Met’s response to the increase in Fraud and Cyber enabled crime. They identified a need for a proactive results driven company in today’s world.


  • With the well-reported reduction in Police resources and funding, and the long and costly legal processes within the UK, victims of fraud and cybercrime rarely achieve their desired results and seldom ever recover their losses.


  • Requite Solutions are a highly experienced team of individuals brought together from various fields of expertise with the goal of providing cost effective results for their clients.

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James Mills


Educated at Berkhamsted School and subsequently Leeds University, James enjoyed an early career in the City with financial big-hitters BZW (Barclays' investment arm) and Tullet & Tokyo.

James joined the Metropolitan Police in 2005 where his aptitude for the intense training together with instinctive skills gained him positions as an accomplished Authorised Firearms Officer, firstly with Diplomatic Protection and latterly within the Specialised Operations armed unit SO18.  

Alerted to the expeditious global rise in financial and cybercrime, James progressed to the Serious and Organised Crime Command where he refined his financial and investigative skills facilitating Operation Falcon (Fraud And Linked Crime Online). James is also an accredited counter fraud specialist.