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Requite Solutions have provided advice and commentary on fraud and cybercrime in a number of publications.

It’s not making banks accountable and it’s not addressing the root cause. By the time people realise they’ve been tricked the money is usually gone - Suzanne Raftery
— www.telegraph.co.uk
‘Help! I’ve been a victim of bank transfer fraud. What do I do?’ - Suzanne Raftery providing advice to victims of fraud.
— www.telegraph.co.uk
Fraudsters target the most vulnerable people in our society. The victims are chosen typically because they are experienced investors who are perhaps not as savvy as they once were - James Mills
— www.ft.com
They also provide expert guidance to the public and private sector - Suzanne Raftery
— www.standard.co.uk
When investigating a fraud, whether corporate, retail, individual or whatever, we will gather the evidence and formulate it in an evidential package that will make a case move faster - James Mills
— www.news.retailrisk.com
Whether the FCA can really reach this vulnerable demographic who are often offline is questionable at best. In the event that an investment scam is reported the likelihood of a swift investigation and positive outcome is highly unlikely as they are overwhelmed and regulatory red tape can slow down the process. Any assets are often long gone - James Mills
— www.spearswms.com
Where have the funds gone? What was the genuine account name? Questions need to be asked concerning the type of account that received and dispersed these funds. Has the account holder been spoken to? - Suzanne Raftery
— www.todaysconveyancer.co.uk
I would suggest it’s an anomaly rather than normal, and they’ll be very aware of which cards and which shops and which sort of machines they can abuse - otherwise it would be a fairly common scam. James Mills

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5768149/Shopkeeper-records-two-fraudsters-using-despicable-trick-buy-cigarettes-booze.html#ixzz5Guefv5P6
— www.dailymail.co.uk
Suzanne Raftery, of fraud recovery service Requite Solutions, said this should be stopped, and described the networks as “fraud enablers”.

She added: “Mobile phone networks are an enabler of fraud. Of course they should be doing more but this is just a small part of the problem.”
August 2018
— https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consumer-affairs/mobile-phone-networks-let-scam-texts-reach-inbox1/