Fraud Prevention, Investigation, & Asset Recovery



Complex Fraud, Cybercrime, Internal & Employee, KYC, Anti Money Laundering, Open Source



Investigation, Prevention, Cyber Enabled, Complaint handling



Cyber Security, Penetration testing, threat assessments, Training & Awareness, Due diligence


Asset Tracing & Recovery

Financial Investigation, Suspect profiling, Evidential packages, Recovery, Dispute resolution

Why use us?

  • Criminals are exploiting the advances in technology. Every day both large and small organisations are falling victim to fraud and cyber attacks. If you have experienced fraud or a cyber attack, then you will understand the frustration, stress, and panic that often ensues.
  • We will gather crucial evidence, trace assets, absorb your stress, and assist with achieving a positive outcome through recovery of assets and/or prosecution.
  • Staff at your company are often the first line of defence and the importance of training, and continuing education is essential. We can deliver this training in a clear and concise manner.
  • Ensuring that you are adequately protected against fraud and cyber attacks is paramount. Failures to address any impending threats could damage your brand and reputation and may result in significant financial losses that are not always recoverable.

Our recommendations will ensure you are less likely to be a victim of fraud or cyber crime in the future.