Personal Vulnerability Assessment

“I was completely unaware that any of my accounts had either been breached or hacked. This could have had catastrophic consequences to my businesses.

Bottom line… Requite Solutions has potentially saved me millions.”

CEO  of a City of London Brokerage Service

Investment Fraud - Investigation and Negotiation

“Having been defrauded by a trusted financial adviser we spent a significant sum over 18 months in legal fees trying to unravel the complexity of the fraud.  It soon became clear that the police and CPS did not have the resources to fully investigate our case due to its complex nature and it became increasingly unlikely we would secure any kind of conviction against the perpetrator or see any of our funds back.

We required specialised help.

Requite Solutions formulated and implemented a plan for retrieving a significant proportion of the lost funds. This plan proved to be highly successful and we would have no hesitation about recommending, or employing, Requite Solutions to assist with any further disputes or complex fraud cases.”

Anonymous - high net worth individual

Employee Theft/Fraud - Evidential Packaging and Negotiation

“My company was defrauded by a former employee who held a managerial position. The police did not undertake an investigation despite a formal report being made, however, Requite Solutions reviewed the evidence and submitted an evidential package to the police. This action resulted in our case being re-opened and investigated.

The former employee was subsequently charged with fraud.

Without the assistance of Requite Solutions, this outcome would not have materialised.”

Managing Director -  One of the UK's largest automotive parts supplier

Investment/Boiler Room Fraud - Investigation and Due Dilligence

“I was contemplating investing a significant sum of money with an investment company but was unsure of its legitimacy.

I instructed Requite Solutions to carry out due diligence on this company. Ten minutes after my initial contact with Requite Solutions I was informed that this was a fraudulent company designed to defraud unsuspecting investors.

Without Requite Solutions I would have lost my total life savings.”

Ms. Uzomba